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Prospective Students

Undergraduate Program:

Construction Management   

The construction management program has a curriculum that adds variety to your learning experience by offering classes that will help you in different areas of your career. Along with the general education requirements, you will be required to take part in business and management classes, computer classes, and your courses relating to construction management.

The following are requirements for obtaining your degree from the construction management program.

1.    Students are required to complete an approved program of study with a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or better in the CM major courses.

2.    Students are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the areas of quantitative analysis and science by having a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or better in the required mathematics and physical science courses

3.    Construction management majors are expected to demonstrate the ability to solve problems pertinent to the construction industry by completing a senior-year capstone activity that requires a packaged submittal and an oral presentation.

For more information on our Institutional and General Education Requirements, you may view the university catalog

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the CM program are expected to have the ability to:

4.    Apply knowledge, techniques, skills and tools of the construction industry in construction activities;

5.    Select and apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and technology to construction problems;

6.    Perform standard tests, organize and interpret test data, and apply test results to improve construction processes;

7.    Function effectively as members or leaders on construction teams;

8.    Communicate effectively as members or leaders on construction teams;

9.    Communicate effectively regarding subjects related to construction activities;

10.    Demonstrate a disposition to engage in self directed continuing professional development;

11.    Demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities; and

What You Will Learn:

While being part of our program, you will learn about many areas of the construction management field, including the following:

1.    Planning & Scheduling

2.    Construction Law

3.    Construction Accounting & Finance

4.    Surveying

5.    Construction Materials & Methods

6.    Construction Safety

7.    Building Mechanical and Electrical Systems

8.    Wood Structural Systems

9.    Concrete & Asphalt Materials

10.    Concrete & Steel Structures

11.    Heavy/Highway Cost Estimating

12.    Residential/Commercial Building Cost Estimating